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Dr. Zoidberg!!

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Friends Only [14 Jul 2003|06:48pm]
This journal is friends only, but if you'd like to be added just add me and I'll add you back!!

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[07 Jul 2003|06:21pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Well, its almost been a month already since Lauri and I have moved in together. It is absolutely wonderful!!! Everyday seems to be a new adventure, and in my opinion, we are going very strong financially (not that it really matters, I'm just happy that it is in fact working out well for us). Honestly, she is the best person in the world to wake up next to and see her beautiful face resting softly on the pillows. Who am I talking to? There's nobody here anyway! so now I'm just rambiling to my self.... ok.... just sitting here, waiting for lauri to get off of work... waiting... sitting... rambling to myself. hmmmmm. I WISH I HAD MORE FRIENDS!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Ok, well there was one interesting thing that happened today outside of being with Lauri. I saw someone get arrested for the first time since I left Chicago. I'm all like 'what the hell?!!!! There are bad people in Boulder?'. LoL. It was quite interesting, and the guy wouldn't just go in the car. The cop and two paramedics ( which I don't know why there were there) had to shove him in the car. It was quite funny. ..... ..... stupid bus....always late. stood around for nearly 30 minutes waiting for a bus that should come by every 10 minutes. and once I saw one 15 minutes into my waiting period, and they sped by because they were picking up people, just going to the garage! I don't know....seemed like I was being taunted by RTD. Well, I'm bored with myself now, I will go now.

Until the next time I decide to ramble to myself, Adios!

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